God Heals My Knee

On March 22nd, I was skiing a 'Hope on the Slopes' event at Crystal Mountain here in Washington State with a group of friends, raising funds to fight cancer. Toward the end of the day, I was carving down a run, hit some avalanche debris, and took a bad tumble, severely tearing my left MCL. After an MRI, the doctor put me in an isolation brace for six weeks to allow the ligament to stabilize, in order to determine if surgery would be required. It was expected I would need 4-6 months to get back to the level of strength and ability I had before the injury.

A few weekends later, I was in service with my family when a word of knowledge was called out for people fighting terminal illness. A woman to my left stood up, who was battling cancer, and several of us nearby gathered around her to contend for her healing. As we began praying for her, someone's hand brushed up against mine. Suddenly heat started radiating up & down my injured leg. Back in my seat, I could still feel the heat, so I started testing it out, and found I had greater mobility, with NO PAIN!!! Just to be sure, I removed the brace and started hopping up and down on my ‘bad leg’, and discovered I had full strength! April 13th, just three weeks after my injury, I hiked 2 miles with no issue; by the time I returned, I could feel the normal aches and pains in my ‘good’ knee, but absolutely no pain in the injured one!!!

The healing didn’t end there; that summer, I was doing overnight hikes with weight again, that I hadn’t done in several years, due to general knee pain; the healing was so complete, I discovered I had all sorts of energy I hadn’t felt in a long time. So grateful for how thorough His healing is, even when we aren't even looking for it!

Matt Eldridge